Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions about our products
Where can I find a price overview?

You can find the prices of our products in many example sizes on the Photo-Lab homepage in the quick access bar, or on the "Formats & Prices" page for each product. Or you can try out a test picture in our easy-to-use configurator. Or try our price calculator.

How can the WhiteWall photo lab produce large copies from relatively small picture files?

When calculating the largest possible format (on the basis of the pixels in your file), we take in to account the probable distance at which the picture will be viewed. The larger the image, the further the viewer will stand away from it. This means the resolution can be lower, because it will not be noticeable to the human eye from a larger distance.

If I order my photo with a white border, does the border cover part of my image?

If you select a white border for your photo print, your image will not be cropped or trimmed - the white border automatically gets added around the outside! This makes your pictures look more refined and can make mounting them in a passe-partout frame very easy. Please note: since the white border will never replace part of your image, it cannot be added to photos of the maximum possible size.

If I have my photo mounted and/or laminated, can I later remove it from the aluminum backing board and/or remove the protective coating and the acrylic glass?

A mounted photo cannot be removed from the backing board. The UV-protective coating and/or acrylic glass cannot be removed from the photo either. This does not preclude framing the picture later, however. The framer can integrate the board with the UV protective coating or the acrylic glass into the frame.

How can I clean my picture?

You can dust your picture with a non-fuzzy, soft, dry cloth (microfiber, for example). To allow you to enjoy your WhiteWall work for a long time, please do not use glass cleaning products under any circumstances for mountings on backing board or under acrylic glass. Please also avoid putting pressure on the surface when wiping.