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Acrylic Glass

Six Colour

Neon Effect

Picture Appears
To Float

Perfect Printing
And Mounting Options
Frames for an extraordinary look
Neon trendiness or classic subtlety
Light shines through the neon coloured frames
Gap between the picture and frame creates an appearance of lightness
Photo prints on metal or acrylic
Colour Management
with ICC Profiles
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Brilliant Color

Vivid Colour With Prints In Pop Art Frames

With a fluorescent effect in neon red, orange, green, or blue, the four different transparent Pop Art Frames add to your picture’s impact. With this ever-trendy frame, you can mirror colours from your photo or create a stunning contrast.

The front edge is just 3 mm wide and the way light reflects off the frame creates a striking effect.

Black Or White: Classic Frames With A Glossy Twist

The black and white Pop Art Acrylic Frames are perfect for prints of very expressive images. The subdued colours and opaque material mean these options create a very refined accent in the overall presentation of your image.

The shiny, smooth acrylic glass reflects light that falls on it, bringing out the best in your pictures.

Floater Frame Made Of High-Quality Acrylic Glass

Create Photo Print with Pop Art Frame

In order to achieve the vivid luminosity, we use top-quality, glossy acrylic glass for our Pop Art Acrylic Frames.

For an additional feeling of modern lightness, we use a 7 mm gap to make your picture look like it is floating inside the frame.

Perfect Printing Options With Pop Art Frames

create online Print with Pop Art Frame

Take advantage of various substrates to find the perfect look for your Print With Pop Art Acrylic Frame. Glossy surfaces enhance the radiant effect even more, whereas matte surfaces make an exciting contrast. For crystal-clear details, you can also select our ultraHD Photo Print mounted on aluminium Dibond or under acrylic glass. We have a variety of printing and mounting materials available for you.

[1] Forex, [2] Metal & Aluminium, [3] HD Metal Print, [4] Acrylic

  • Direct Print On Forex
    A starter product for powerful colours and crisp details
  • Direct Print On Aluminium Dibond
    Luminous colour intensity and detail definition
  • Direct Print On Brushed Aluminium
    Ultra-modern print on a brushed surface
  • Original Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond
    Long-lasting colour and maximum picture quality
  • ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond
    Premium product with details in ultra-high definition
  • HD Metal Print – Glossy
    Light yet robust material for luminous colours
  • Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass – Glossy
    A gallery-quality, crystal-clear view of your photo
  • Original Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass
    No glare, even in direct light
  • ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
    Extremely sharp detail reproduction and the highest resolution
  • Metallic Acrylic ultraHD Photo Print
    Metallic look and intense colours

A Variety Of Sizes For Your Pop Art Acrylic Frames

Photo Print with Pop Art Frame create

Select your Pop Art Acrylic Frame from seven different sizes ranging from 20 x 20 cm up to 120 x 80 cm. Find the perfect measurements for your image or to fill any space on your wall.

  • Minimum size: 20 x 20 cm
  • Maximum size: 120 x 80 cm

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Hang Your Pop Art Acrylic Frame Securely With Integrated Wall-Mounts

We deliver your Pop Art Acrylic Frame with an integrated wall-mount on the back. This way, you only need two screws or hooks to hang your picture on the wall. Fast with no fuss.

Photo Print with Pop Art Frame online

Print with Pop Art Frame Are Securely Package And Protected During Transport

Order online Photo Print with Pop Art Frame

Extravagant objects need to be properly protected during transport. Our secure packaging is tailor-made to fit your order and ensure the frame reaches you safe and sound.

ICC Colour Profiles

Reliable colour management is an absolute must for professionals. ICC colour profiles allow exact colour matching while taking the print medium and printing technology into account. Download ICC profile.

ICC Colour Profiles
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Formats & Prices pictures
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The Pop Art Acrylic Frame: The Radiant Way To Show Off Your Photo Print

Not only are the trendy Pop Art Acrylic Frames a lot of fun, they are truly attention grabbing when hung on your wall. The way you display colourful pictures doesn’t have to stop at the edge of the picture frame! With the neon effect of the colourful versions, light falling on the frame makes your piece fluoresce into the room. The black and white versions are also a glossy finishing touch for your photos. With the gap between picture and frame, even the larger formats appear to be floating, for a truly light feel.

Prints With Pop Art Acrylic Frames: Put Pictures In The Spotlight

Bring out the best in your photo with a striking Pop Art Acrylic Frame made of a glossy material with a luminous neon look. The vividly coloured versions of the Pop Art Frame are a bold accent. For a subtler effect, choose the glossy white or black versions of the Pop Art Frame.

Some Images Were Made To Be Prints With Pop Art Acrylic Frames

There are a lot of opportunities to put colourful images in the spotlight with Pop Art Acrylic Frames. For example, any of the four neon colours creates an extraordinary effect in combination with your nighttime photographs of neon signs. By mirroring a colour from the image with the frame itself, the picture and frame become a fascinating, unified piece.

You can design a similar effect with black. Ideal candidates include architectural photographs with dark, reflective surfaces in the image that are mirrored by glossy black acrylic frame. On the other hand, you can also create an arresting contrast by combining a black-and-white photograph with a vivid Pop Art Acrylic Frame.

Images with very intense colour, such as fireworks photography, are elevated to nearly room-filling luminosity through a Pop Art Acrylic Frame. Combine Prints With Pop Art Acrylic Frames of different sizes and colours to create a unique gallery wall that fluoresces differently depending on how the light hits it.

Alternatives To The Print With Pop Art Acrylic Frame

Our frames are not merely decorative; they give your photo more expressive power. While the neon colours and glossy surface of the Pop Art Acrylic Frames are powerful creative tools, our Aluminium ArtBox and Solid Wood ArtBox are more reserved with a timeless design. This is another frame option with a gap for a floating effect, and they also come with many different options. The ArtBox in silver or black aluminium feels very cool, clear, and stylish, whereas the woode version emanates natural warmth. Additionally, you can also select the depth of the frame and choose the photo printing and mounting options that are best for you.

If you are especially drawn to the “floating” picture look, it pays to take a look at our Floater Frames.