WhiteWall Quality - Your work is in the best hands


Not only do we believe in what we do, but we enjoy it!
That's why we offer a diverse range of product guarantees:

  • Your satisfaction - or we'll replace your faulty photo with a new one.
  • All of our products have a 5-year guarantee.

Lumas Gallery

No compromises:
That's why more professionals trust us than any other photo lab

380 galleries and nearly 21,500 professional photographers trust WhiteWall with their work: enlargements, fraimings, and mountings. We're also proud to be the sole producer of works for the renowned LUMAS edition galleries for a number of years (LUMAS can be found online under www.lumas.eu, the addresses of all LUMAS galleries can be found online here). LUMAS represents 160 ambitious artists, who don’t compromise on quality. In the past few months, WhiteWall has won 70 awards from leading art-related magazines. "True professional gallery finish", noted the What Digital Camera. The very same hands and machines will finish your images at WhiteWall.

The perfect size for any photo

We like clear statements: the perfect size for any photo

There are no asterisks when it comes to the maximum size for your photos. Our website clearly tells you which sizes can be produced without compromising image quality. Our interpolation calculations allow remarkable enlargements of small files, such as those from the iPhone. The best part? We don’t force your work into predetermined sizes and formats: you choose what you want. Height and width come in many options – to exact measurements. We only crop your work if you want us to.

Luminosity for over 75 years

We produce to last:
Luminosity for over 75 years

Genuine, authentic photo prints are still available at WhiteWall even at spectacular sizes such as 120 x 180 cm oder 180 x 300 cm. First, a laser exposure system (Durst Lambda or LightJet from Océ) transfers your file onto authentic photo paper (Fujicolor Crystal Archie DP II or Kodak Pro Ultra Endura) which is then developed using traditional photo chemicals. In addition to the 75-year colour-fastness (with Kodak paper, 100-year), your image has a luminosity and enchanting look that can only be found in authentic photography: no bumps, no tears, no surprises. Our prints on canvas are finished using the Epson 11880 with UltraChrome K3 pigment inks, those onto aluminium using a 6-colour UV system. Both techniques have been optimised over time to ensure that the prints are as close as possible to the original image, and that we can take advantage of the full resolution.


We use silicone:
acrylic glass mounting without bubbles or creases

We have been using silicone to produce ever improving mountings for years. We use durable, elastic silicone to bind a photo print to acrylic glass. This is important, because different temperatures and levels of humidity cause photographs, acrylic glass, and backing boards to stretch differently. Under these conditions, cheaper adhesive films begin to produce bubbles and tears after a short time. With our silicone mountings, this doesn't happen, even after many years.


High tech and handmade

We like people. And machines:
technology meets craftsmanship.

Yes, we still build all of our solid wood frames ourselves. Whether constructing frames or mountings - the people who work here are passionate about photography and take "handmade quality" seriously. At the same time, WhiteWall works with the most modern techniques: laser exposure systems for 1,8-meter-wide paper tracks, large development equipment, CNC cutters that cut and polish finishings on aluminium or acrylic glass. This synthesis of technology and craftsmanship ensures our consistent award-winning quality at unbelievably low prices.

Aware – environmentally aware

Aware – environmentally conscious

Sustainable raw materials, chemical recycling and eco-certified materials have been part of our production standards from the very beginning. We believe that only those who preserve natural resources, have energy efficient production processes, and are aware of their environment can become market leaders in quality. We strive to achieve this every day. We are aware – environmentally aware: From the logistics and delivery of large volumes of work to recycling waste from the production process, everything is done for the best product and equally importantly, the environment.

Best Brand

We trust strong brands:
Consistent quality and quick service

Whether it's photo paper, aluminium, acrylic glass, or solid wood for our frames – we buy all of our materials in large quantities directly from the producers, such as Röhm, ThyssenKrupp, Hahnemühle, Epson, Kodak, and Fuji. This allows us to offer affordable and attractive prices, which we then pass on to you. To guarantee our continually high quality, we only use producers located in Germany as our suppliers.

Quality security at every stage

Quality matters to us:
Security at every stage

When it comes to quality assurance, we're control freaks. At the end of each production stage, there is a quality test. If everything's shipshape, the barcode of your order is scanned, each individual step is documented. This allows us to see who completed each step, and who has examined what. The shift supervisor will immediately remove any products that emerge with errors. Quality is good – and thanks to our quality control, it is getting better every day.

Your works are in the best hands

Your works are in the best hands: even with delivery

Before your work leaves our lab it will first be covered in a protective wrap and then placed in art-secure packaging. For large formats and panoramas we will even produce a specially-designed wooden crate – by hand. A courier will transport your work from the lab directly to you at home. No middlemen. That ensures affordable prices and quick delivery times.