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WhiteWall: The online photo lab for gallery-quality prints

If you want to enlarge and print your photos without compromising quality, brilliance or durability, then the WhiteWall photo lab is the best choice for you. Don’t just take our word for it – the press have given us more than 50 awards and special recognitions, and we have over 218,000 satisfied customers, including more than 12,000 professional photographers. You can be safe in the knowledge that, with our expert team, your work is in the very best hands.
Get your photographs in the size of your choice, to the exact centimetre, as an authentic photo print, mounted, sealed, or fitted in the frame of your choice. We don’t just set ourselves high standards for production quality: We also arrange the very best delivery for your work. Our tailor-made art-secure packaging ensures every work arrives at your door exactly as it left the lab. That’s a guarantee.

Europe’s largest photo lab moves to new premises

More and more customers are choosing WhiteWall. Consequently, we needed more space. In June of 2013, our Photo Lab started operations in a new, enormously spacious and bright hall that houses: eight high-resolution, high-end printers for various printing processes, seven extremely precise CNC milling machines, a fully-automated batten machine, and six roll-to-roll laser exposure systems, to name a few. With over 5,000 square metres of workspace, the new lab in Frechen is one of the largest and most productive of its kind in Europe. Of course, in our new space, we remain just as dedicated to our philosophy: museum quality at reasonable prices. Each step of the process is implemented meticulously, and everything is done in-house. From photo exposure, development, finishing, and framing in the company's own joinery department to custom packaging for shipping – absolutely everything is handled on-site at WhiteWall. Our video gives you a look at our – or to put it better – your new photo lab.

Photo prints in the size of your choice

Choose your format to the exact centimetre with just a few clicks.

Photo prints in the size of your choice to the exact centimetre

To really let your imagination run wild, you need more than a limited range of standard formats to choose from. With WhiteWall, you can choose the size of your print to the exact centimetre. We can produce your work in any format, whether behind acrylic glass, on aluminium Dibond, or canvas. Printed, mounted or framed as a mini, a round format, or a panorama – WhiteWall gives you the freedom to bring your creative ideas to life.

Brilliant colours for your photos

Dazzling colours with a 75-year lifespan

Your photos in brilliant colours which last a lifetime

Like great memories, photographs shouldn’t fade. They should stay with us for a lifetime. Ensuring your photos are produced with brilliant colours and to last for decades is WhiteWall’s number one priority.
We use processes that meet even the highest demands of photographic artists and professional photographers. Thanks to a professional colour management system at the very beginning of production, we ensure the very best colours. The print is produced using a Durst Lambda or LightJet exposer, that exposes the images on authentic photo paper, with no pixelation. This process is standard across the world for museum prints. The colour accuracy and brilliance of the brand-name photo papers we use have a certified lifespan of at least 75 years.

Leave the pixel counting to us

We always get the most from your image data

Leave the pixel counting to us

What does the resolution of my photo have to be to ensure optimum quality with large prints? That’s a question WhiteWall customers don’t need to ask; immediately after uploading your image, our online software will tell you the maximum size it can be enlarged to. You can choose whether you would prefer a print that reproduces the original photo 1-to-1, or whether you would like to use an interpolation process that allows your image to be produced in a greater size. This process helps ensure the best results when making enlargements, even if the original has a low resolution. Surprise yourself with what can be produced from even the smallest photo files.
If you are a demanding photo artist, we recommend leaving the image file as it is. This will ensure your results are as sharp and brilliant as possible.

A wide range of quality photo papers, frame profiles, and passe-partouts

A large selection of frames and passe-partouts

A wide range of quality photo papers, frame profiles, and passe-partouts

The WhiteWall selection has it all: twelve premium photo papers (from brands such as Kodak, Fuji, Hahnemühle and Ilford), more than 45 frame profiles and colours, around 40 passe-partout card stocks in different colours and textures, and four different types of glass, giving you as much freedom as possible to shape your work. Each of the frame and passe-partout variations is shown and described in detail on this website. Have a look around and let yourself be inspired to create the perfect decoration for your wall.

Mounting included

Hanging elements are always included with WhiteWall

Hanging elements included

All of our framed products, mountings on aluminium Dibond, mountings behind acrylic glass, and Forex® prints are equipped with a professional picture hanging system at no extra cost. Spacers are fastened underneath our mounted products so that your image appears to float on the wall. Simply unpack your art, hang it up, and admire it.

Online picture editing

Just one click, and your photo becomes a work of pop-art

Online picture editing made easy

Image editing software gives us a range of opportunities to optimise our photographs, or manipulate them artistically. On the other hand, using complex software applications such as Photoshop can be time-consuming. The free online image editing available in the WhiteWall configurator makes it easy to transform your images into something special by cropping a particular area, correcting the alignment, adjusting the image properties, or applying special image effects.
See how easy it is to change your picture by altering the brightness, contrast, or sharpness. Touch-up your image by removing blemishes, marks, or red eyes. Or try one of our impressive special image effects: Give your work the look of a pop-art piece or an oil painting. Your imagination knows no bounds.

WhiteWall is the lab for LUMAS

Discover the quality of WhiteWall prints at LUMAS

WhiteWall is the lab for LUMAS

Did you know that, for years now, the largest international photography gallery has entrusted the WhiteWall Photo Lab to print, frame and mount countless editions?
Whether in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Paris or New York – you can experience the WhiteWall quality for yourself in more than 25 locations around the world. Find the LUMAS gallery closest to you here or learn more about the LUMAS portfolio at

ICC Profiles
ICC Profiles

For professional colour management we offer ICC Profiles available as downloads.
Click here for the ICC Profiles.

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