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High-Quality Photo Paper:

Glossy Acrylic Glass:

Robust Aluminium Dibond Backing:

Timeless & Elegant Stands:

Personalized Gifts:
Suitable for any image
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Over 100 Awards &
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Colour Management
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Your Photo Print on Brand-Name Paper: Vivid Colours That Last for 75 Years, Guaranteed

Acrylic Glass Stand

Our photographic prints are made using high-end photo paper and a traditional developing process. Then they are mounted under acrylic glass, and ready to display.

  • Fuji Crystal DP II: A classic for pictures of all kinds and images with different levels of contrast

A Perfectly Crisp Image: Your Photo Under Glossy Acrylic Glass

Acrylic Photo Glass Stand

Glossy acrylic [1] enhances the image’s depth and makes the colours really pop. It is surprisingly lightweight yet extremely durable.

  • [2] 2 mm thick: Get started with subtle depth and brilliant colour. Great quality for your first foray into the world of acrylic glass or for large volume orders
  • [3] 4 mm thick: For connoisseurs and professionals, depth paired with unrivaled brilliance and crisp details. A perfect presentation for galleries and exhibitions
  • [4] 6 mm thick: The high-end, maximum effect for pros. Lots of presence, unbelievable depth and intensified, vibrant colours

Silicone-Sealed Under Acrylic Glass: Perfect Protection for Your Photo Print

Photo Acrylic Glass Stand

Permanently elastic silicone is the ideal way to bond different materials. It seals and protects, and is also elastic enough to compensate when materials expand and contract as the temperature changes. It is a top of the line solution for durable mounting that won’t blister or crack.

  • Appearance: perfectly transparent
  • Consistency: permanently elastic
  • Characteristics: durable and long-lasting

[1] glossy acrylic glass [2] photo print & permanently elastic silicone [3] robust aluminium Dibond backing

A Reliable, Stable Backing: Aluminium Dibond

Acrylic Glass Photo Stand

Aluminium Dibond is a 3 mm thick composite material and a perfect fit for the Acrylic Glass Stand, providing the picture with a visual border. With two layers of aluminium [1 + 3] sandwiching a black polyethylene core [2] , Dibond is both light and stable. It keeps its shape, even with fluctuations in the temperature and humidity.

  • Ensures stability and durability
  • A timeless look for photos mounted under acrylic glass

Small-Format and Made to Measure: Your Acrylic Glass Stand

Acrylic Glass Stand Photo

We can make your Acrylic Glass Stand in a landscape, portrait, panorama, or square format – in the exact size you want.

  • Choose the format you want
  • Available sizes: from 9 x 9 cm to 25 x 25 cm

The Stand Options for Your Photo Under Acrylic Glass: Display It Anywhere

The three versions of our acrylic stands cater to personal preferences and offer stability on any surface. These small-format pictures arrive ready for display.

  • [1] Chrome-plated brass feet in the lower corners
  • [2] Small acrylic foot at the center of the bottom edge
  • [3] Small or large metal foot on the bottom edge

Custom and Secure Packaging & Shipping for Your Acrylic Glass Stand

Acrylic Glass Stand offer

Our secure, made-to-measure packaging protects your Acrylic Glass Stand during transport and ensures it will reach you in pristine condition.

ICC Colour Profiles

Reliable colour management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching. Download ICC profile.

Formats & Prices

Prices vary depending on the size you choose for your acrylic stand. Here you will find everything at a glance: Find out more

Award-Winning Lab

Professionals trust us more than any other photo lab. Multiple test wins and recommendations from specialist publications prove them right. Find out more

Keep Memories of Proud Moments Close: Acyrlic Stands Fit on Any Desk

You best friend finally gets that promotion, your youngest is off to school, your oldest completes his apprenticeship. There will always be people and moments that simply have to be eternalised – and should find a place of honour for everyone to admire: A group picture of all the colleagues in the department for your friend’s new desk to boost team spirit, a photo of proud junior with his certificate for his first apartment and of course a snapshot of your little one that is growing up so quickly. Table stands in acrylic glass always look great – and the various stand options are very affordable and are a great gift idea, just like the free-standing acrylic block.

Big Moments, Big Photo Prints: Acrylic Products in XXL Formats

No matter how big the moment, WhiteWall has the right format for picture perfection: Original photo prints under glossy or matt acrylic glass are our flagship products. Our favourite for large and small formats is acrylic glass with a thickness of 4 mm. Crisp details, brilliant colours and fascinating depth – we supply professional photographers for their exhibitions in galleries and continue to receive high praise and test wins. In terms of price-performance, we feel that it is very important to make our products accessible for non-professionals as well. Go ahead and compare: We are certain that in the end you will decide in favour of WhiteWall.

Gift Certificates and Acrylic Desk Stands: The Gift of Choice Brings People Together

Once junior is ready to go out into the world with a professional certificate in hand, he might decide to live just about anywhere – and that can often be quite far away. What present do you give a young man, whom you hardly ever see any more and who prefers purist interiors? Probably not a poster board with pictures from your last holidays together as a family. The best gift you can give is space – space for his own ideas and memories. How about a gift certificate from WhiteWall – and have a look at what he chooses. It might just be an oversized original photo print under acrylic glass of the light show over the tents at the last electronic music festival. Or maybe an acrylic stand with the picture of his new girlfriend. Or he might totally surprise you and choose a 252-page photo book – of your last holiday together as a family.