Horst & Daniel Zielske

Horst and Daniel Zielske are a father-son photography team who work
in the realm of Applied Photography. They have conceived more than 25 book
projects, and are renowned for their photographic portraits of cities.
Both Zielskes comprehend urban structures in the same way a
landscape painter would. They play with light, and capture big-city scenery.
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Favorite Product: Floater Frame
Favorite Product: Floater Frame
Favorite Product: Floater Frame

"Throughout our lives, we have gotten to know many labs, but at WhiteWall, we are absolutely thrilled with the quality, the framing, and the personal contact to the people there. WhiteWall is the right lab for us – a partnership that brings us a lot of joy."

Selected Images for WhiteWall

Biography: Horst and Daniel Zielske

Horst and Daniel Zielske have specialized in Fine Art Photography since 1999.
They have done large photo series on themes including "Megalopolis Shanghai",
"German Symphony", "Coastline", "Modern Turner", "London", "Berlin", and "New York City".
"Modern Turner", "London", "Berlin" und "New York City".
Currently, they are working on a new book and exhibition project:
Temples of Art – Cathedrals of Knowledge. They have exhibited in Germany
and the USA, and their work can be found in public and private collections.

photokina Special 2016:
WhiteWall presents
Horst and Daniel Zielske

09/21/2016 - photokina Cologne -
3 pm - 4:15 pm