Chantal Weber

Chantal Weber completed her photography apprenticeship in Germany’s south,
finishing at the top of her class. Afterwards, she moved to a bigger city
and studied Communication Design at the University of Wuppertal,
where her main focus was studio photography with an emphasis on fashion. Read more >

Favorite Product: Direct Print on Aluminum Backing
Favorite Product: Direct Print on Aluminum Backing

"The Direct Print on Aluminium Dibond is one of my favourite products. I prefer this print because of its high efficiency. While it has a very solid design, the print is also very detailed, bright and rich in contrast. I use this product for gallery pictures hanging high-humidity areas in a public bathhouse with a sauna – this product is made for that."

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Biography: Chantal Weber

Chantal began working as a freelance photographer after earning her degree in 2010.
Passionate about the harbour, she decided to move to Hamburg a few years later.
In her free time, Chantal loves to travel, always keeping an eye out
for great landscapes and finding new locations for photo shoots.
Consequently, she has accumulated a huge archive of landscape photography
the "travelscapes", one of her current projects.